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Acorn recruitment source top quality skilled and unskilled seasonal workers.


Seasonal workers


Our main area of operation is the South West of England, however if companies further afield are struggling for manpower we are happy to discuss your requirements. Our agency specialises in supporting companies who are hiring seasonal workers.

Our manpower trawls cover local, national, and international markets.

Please note – We can only source international temporary labour for the Horticultural sector, and possibly Pork Butchery.

The maximum permitted stay for a worker in a 12-month period is 6 months, there are also caps on the total number of seasonal workers allowed into the UK.

As you can see, hiring international seasonal workers is a complicated subject, this is why we work with a specialist company who provide our clients with relevant up to date information and dedicated support.

With all recruitment it needs to be well planned, with enough time given to source the best available manpower. With seasonal hiring this is of paramount importance. At Acorn we see ourselves as a placement partner, here to carry the burden, delivering the right people at the right time, into the workplace.

If you would like more information on hiring seasonal workers please contact our Support Team, they will organise a call-back from one of our in-house specialists. They can be reached via email at enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk or calling 01373 836776.