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Whilst Acorn Recruitment focus heavily on placements within the South West of England we also work on projects further afield.

The biggest problem we encounter in our placement work is a common factor, that being job seekers are under selling themselves. There is certainly a disparity between the documents we receive and the actual qualities of the people submitting them. Whilst the online environment has expanded employment opportunities there is a mass unwillingness to grasp them. We see this with poorly formatted CV/Resume’s and covering letters.

One thing is certain, we view the documents received and the performance during pre-interviews as a self-selection process. We have a duty to our clients to present them with the most suitable candidates. If this means capable individuals are not finding employment, then so be it. One person’s misfortune is another’s opportunity.

The message from Acorn is clear. We can source top quality employment for most people but only when the job seeker is willing to go the extra mile and fully showcase their talent and ability.

To register your intent for employment simply send over a quality CV/Resume with brief details on your intentions to enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk and we will take it from there.

Good luck.