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Catering Butcher’s now Available

Catering Butchers is a catch all term for butchery and boning skills that are required to work anywhere from the process end of an abattoir, through factory locations into farm shops.


Acorn Recruitment South West have supplied into all of these areas from individual catering butchers to teams of butchers and boners in large processing units.

The job skills will vary with each employer but below is a generic job description. As a job description is central to successful recruitment please prepare your job description with care, the more you tell us the better the job we can do for you.



Catering Butchers are responsible for all daily meat production.

Duties are:

  • Ensure all stock is prepared and cut to specification.
  • Butchery: Involves boning out carcass meat, cutting and tying joints, dicing and mincing meats. Portion control, processing, marinating and other ad hoc duties are included.
  • Stock Preparation: To prepare stock working from a daily list. Examples would be preparing joints, diced and minced products, steak cutting, bacon and processing.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring the quality of the work meets specification.
  • Orders: Assisting with putting up orders when necessary.
  • Record Keeping: Where necessary liaising with the Technical Manager to record temperatures of mince, metal detection, defrosting, labelling, batch traceability.
  • Food Safety: Liaising with Technical Manager to ensure food safety throughout the process at all times. Ensuring the company food safety policy is adhered to at all times

As you can see the role of the Catering Butcher is varied and interesting and Acorn Recruitment South West is here to help you find the right people to fulfil your job vacancies so please do get in touch through our quick enquiry form or give us a call. We will find you a single butcher of a team of butchers, boners and packers depending on your requirements.