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Skilled Workers Exeter

Sourcing flexible skilled labour is the core strength of Acorn Recruitment, it really is the foundation of our business.

Exeter workers

Acorn have a firm footing in the Exeter region, providing companies with employment solutions. Our organisation is able to provide skilled labour for the industrial towns that surround Exeter, contract labour for the hospitality sector in and around coastal regions and administrative and professional staff in Exeter itself. We have the ability to fully understand the needs of any employer, this allows us to provide the right person for the right task, even the recruitment of migrant workers.

Acorn is a regional recruitment agency dedicated to serving the employer. Our flexible approach allows us to provide a managed or self managed work force. Please note our success in providing skilled labour is second to none.

If you would like more details on the services of Acorn Recruitment you can call us on 01373836776 or alternatively email our helpdesk at enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk

Facts about Exeter

  • With a well educated population of 120,000 Exeter is the capital city of Devon lies on the river Exe and is the spine of the county located on the M5. It provides a central base for education, medicine, religion, commerce and culture. It has its own international airport.
  • Surrounded by famous tourist resorts and industrial/market towns Exeter is the hub of the economic wheel of Devon
  • Manufacturing is relatively small but metal and leather goods, paper, and farm implements as Exeter’s chief products.