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Polish Jobs in Swindon

Economic cycles have dictated the pattern of employment in the Swindon area with the availability of Polish jobs in Swindon reflecting the swings in economic activity.

Polish jobs available

Acorn Recruitment (South West) Limited has a strong and practical background in the industrial and manufacturing sectors but understands that with Swindon’s bias towards SME’s and start-up business the scope for supplying teams of outsourced workers is limited to the larger companies in the Swindon area. However Acorn as the name suggests looks to grow its business with its clients and we are more than happy to work with Entrepreneurs in Swindon or anywhere else in Wiltshire.

As a regional, yet specialist recruiter our location does not matter but fulfilling your requirement is what counts.

Availability of Polish jobs in Swindon has fallen away in the recession as many Polish workers have decided to return home in the hope of experiencing better conditions but 2010/2011 has seen roughly a third of those that returned looking to return to the UK as the grass has not proved as green as they imagined.

Swindon’s traditional needs have always been at the lower skill levels but whether this will now change only time will tell but Acorn specialises in plugging those skill shortages and has noted a recent increased demand for trade skills.

Whatever your needs an Acorn representative is on hand to sort it out for you. Please feel free to email us your job description here or pick up the phone for an outline , no obligation chat.

Intresting facts about Swindon

Swindon lies on the M4 Corridor. The town is easily accessible from either junction 15 or 16 of the M4 Motorway, or by rail (Swindon Station), it is < 1 hour from London

With a population of 180,000, Swindon is often cited as a “boom town” and new housing continues to be built. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the UK. Enjoying the highest broadband penetration of any place in the UK it is a vibrant location with a mix between the old and new.

It has a high dependence on the public sector, finance and the automotive and engineering services with many small satellite operations have sprung up supplying the main operators.

Whilst the biggest town , the county town of Wiltshire is Trowbridge and there are many interesting places to visit and our top 10 (and with apologies to the remainder) are Salisbury, Chippenham, Malmesbury, Bradford on Avon, Marlborough, Devizes, Corsham, Melksham Westbury and Warminster. Wiltshire is a very large county and truly diverse.