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Contract Hiring in Devon

Acorn has supplied Devon with Eastern European migrant labour for over a decade.

Skilled workers from Devon

Devon is a maritime county and along with agriculture these are the 2 main areas of employment.

Sectors supported include:

  • Food production
  • Agriculture
  • Maritime
  • Tourism
  • Financial
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Care

Acorn primarily supplies skilled labour from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, occasionally supplemented with workers from other Eastern European countries.

Following the global recession local businesses have prospered, the main problem at present is securing a hardworking, reliable workforce. Whilst most Companies would prefer to hire local talent, it is seldom available. The only alternative is to look further afield.

The biggest misconception is Eastern European’s are a source of cheap labour. This is not the case. Acorn advocates the paying of a living wage, a policy that will never change.

Acorn’s Devon based recruitment agency has skilled workers waiting for their turn to impress the employer. There are few agencies that can boast this.

Clients are allocated a personal consultant. These specialists analyse a requirement before requesting a detailed job description. Armed with this document the search process begins.

Do not be fooled into thinking Acorn Recruitment only operates at the artisan level. The Company utilises i-skills, a own unique software tool that fully utilises technology to deliver benchmarking and video analysis results. This system is idea for those searching for managers, top level executives or boardroom staff.

If you are after a professional recruitment agency in Devon, one that will put the needs of your company first, look no further than Acorn Recruitment.

If you would like more information on Acorn’s recruitment services in Devon, please call 01373 836776 or email enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk, a member of the Support Team will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry.