Overseas Recruitment Agency

Acorn Recruitment South West

From their Headquarters in Frome, Somerset, Acorn Recruitment South West is servicing the needs of the local employer.

Acorn Recruitment

Initially Acorn specialised in the supply of Polish manpower, in recent times they have introduced services from Romania and Bulgaria.

A professional recruitment agency requires 3 elements:

  • A professional motivated team
  • Strong links to the employer
  • A plentiful supply of skilled labour

All are on offer at Acorn Recruitment South West.

Managing Director, Chris Slay has operated in many environments. As a young man he toured the US as a used car salesman before becoming highly successful corporate banker. Following this Chris owned a local salmon factory building it up to be the largest operation in the region. Today Chris runs a successful recruitment agency, supplying much needed skilled labour to local businesses.

Chris’s words ring clear. “By supplying top quality labour from Eastern Europe we are changing people’s lives for the better, be that the employing companies or the workers themselves. In the cut and thrust of corporate life it is refreshing to give something back to the local community”.

The support team at Acorn are fully aware of their responsibilities in placing the right people into the right jobs.

Managers from Acorn are often asked for their opinion on migrant workers in the UK. The answers are standard. Eastern European workers are making a positive difference to the employing companies and local communities. International boundaries are not as restrictive as they once were.

One thing is certain, companies that deal with Acorn Recruitment South West are left in no doubt they are dealing with a professional organisation.