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Acorn Recruitment South West

About Acorn Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of identifying the best candidate for an employment opportunity in the most timely and cost effective way.

The process

Acorn Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency covering the needs of employers in the South West of England. We are proud of our base and our local knowledge which allows us to offer a recruitment service that


  • competitively meets the needs of SW  employers
  • finds quality calibre candidates who understand the requirements and benefits of working in the South West
  • achieves satisfaction for both employer and employee

We know that every business is unique, so our relationship starts with getting to know and understand your business and sharing in your employment strategy. We build on this relationship which means that we can help you plan for all your employment needs both now and as your business grows and develops.

As an established SW recruiter we have a large network of local, national and international connections which means that we can offer you, the SW employer, a truly flexible solution which we tailor to meet your individual needs.

This includes:

  • Permanent recruitment
  • Assistance to fill temporary roles
  • Contract labour – outsourced services when you need someone to provide workers for agreed roles and fixed time periods

Having worked with many employers in different sizes and types of business in the South West and because we ensure that we understand your employment needs, we take the hard work of recruitment away from employers by offering a tried and tested quality service process.

Identifying the best candidate for an employment opportunity

The SW is rich with successful businesses who command quality candidates to fill a variety of positions and our local knowledge means that we find employees who will meet those needs and who will assist in growing those businesses.
We take the time to understand what’s involved in each employment opportunity so that we can match this against the skills and career aspirations of candidates to create a mutually beneficial professional employment relationship.


Our connections means that geography is no boundary to finding the right candidate for your business so as an employer you get who you need, whether they are from Bath or Brazil. Candidates are sourced on the basis of their ability to perform the employment opportunity and their skill set and agreed qualities matched with the ones that your business needs.

Hard to fill vacancies

So even if the employment opportunity is in an area of skills shortages, such as engineering, or in an emerging growth area such as IT or renewable energy, you can be sure that our expertise will mean that you, the employer, will receive a quality recruitment service for your needs.

In the most timely and cost effective way

Our expertise means that as soon as you, the employer:

  • Consider there is an employment opportunity we can work with you
  • We find the solution that is right for your business
  • Using our local knowledge and base
  • Drawing on our local, national and international connections
  • We offer competitive packages tailored to meet your needs
  • We provide you with a quality service.