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Bulgarian Recruitment Agency

Acorn is a UK based Bulgarian Recruitment Agency.

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From their Headquarters in Frome, Somerset, the company is supporting the regions corporate and industrial sectors.

In days gone by Eastern European labour was dominated by Poles. Problems started appear when a large percentage left the UK in search of better deals elsewhere. This opened the door for skilled Bulgarian nationals; it was their chance to shine.

Inbound client feedback indicates all placed Bulgarian’s are performing at the highest level. This is understandable as a weekly wage in the UK is comparable to a monthly one back home.

A word of caution, Acorn Recruitment is not a provider of cheap labour. The Company believe skilled operatives should be paid in accordance with their qualifications and ability, not nationality. By offering competitive salaries Acorn are able to recruit effectively.

Pay and treat workers fairly and they will stay longer in post. This sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many businesses are struggling financially off the back of poor recruitment decisions.

As the region’s leading Bulgarian Recruitment Agency, in-house consultants are experienced in getting the right people into the right jobs.

Following the agreement of terms, consultants will request a detailed job description, armed with this document search and filtering commences.

There are 2 levels of service at Acorn:

  1. Traditional Search
  2. Contract Hire

To understand which one suits your needs best please seek advice from a consultant.

If you would like more information on Acorn’s Bulgarian recruitment solutions, please call 01373 836776 or email enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk, a member of the Support Team will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry.