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Welding Employment in South West

Acorn Recruitment SW has considerable experience in supplying welding employment throughout the South West of England. As a business owner you will be fully aware that recruiting skilled welders has been a particular problem for the UK’s corporate sector for many years.

Welding jobs

At Acorn we are fully adept at finding the right people for welding employment; this often requires recruitment from outside the UK. In the past we have successfully recruited workers for engineering, construction, shipbuilding, oil & gas and high risk food installation projects.

We have the capability to supply a diverse level of skill sets from welders mates to fully qualified experienced operators. Our flexible approach means we can supply a managed or self managed workforce, the benefits of using our managed facility is we take full responsibility, making sure key performance indicators are fully applied.

It is very important to specify the specific skills you require. Welding employment covers 3 main types of activities – TIG, Stick (sometimes called MIG) and MAG

We very much appreciate that welding employment varies in complexity, therefore a detailed job description is helpful. We are also more than happy to arrange for bench testing.

Acorn Recruitment South West are experts at putting welding teams together, for further details call us on 01373 836776 or email enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk