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Waste Management Vacancies

This is a wide spread job category and the definitions of the skills required need to be included in a detailed job description.

Waste management

Waste Management often falls within part of Facilities Management depending on the size of the organisation and is often outsourced to third parties as a specialised area of operation.

Waste management classically organise and manage waste disposal, collection and recycling facilities. They may also be responsible for waste treatment and street cleaning operations. Some posts combine waste management and recycling functions, whilst others split them into separate jobs.

At the edge some of the duties can blur – gutter cleaning may come within waste management but maintenance within Facilities Management so clarity is needed.

At Acorn Recruitment South West we mainly work with outsourced contractors in the supply of operatives to carry out functions agreed under long term contracts. We supply both locally and nationally and would be very interested in discussing any waste management vacancies that you may have. We can also put teams of dedicated workers together for long term contracts where we are the employer and deal with all that entails allowing you to concentrate on running the business.

Below are the typical work activities but we find every situation will be different so please tell us exactly what you need by emailing your job description to: enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk or feel free to call on 01373836776 for a general discussion with a professional who understands your business needs

This check list would encompass the role of a manager rather than an operative.

  • Providing advice and guidance to business and industrial waste sites about waste management issues as an employee or outside contractor;
  • Assisting with the development, promotion and implementation of new waste disposal schemes and defining the boundaries of operation (who is responsible for what?);
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation in the transportation, handling and disposal of waste;
  • Possibly formulating but certainly controlling the budget for waste disposal;
  • Collating statistics and compiling reports as required;
  • Keeping up to date with legislation;
  • Monitoring and reporting pollution levels from waste disposal operations;
  • Overseeing the transportation of waste to ensure that it takes place efficiently without contaminating air, land or water sources;
  • Monitoring the quality and performance of waste services, including contract management of external providers or, if the external contractor, reporting regularly to the client;
  • Aiming to meet waste reduction and recycling targets;

If employed directly by a council you might be required to:

  • Deal with enquiries and complaints from members of the public both in person and by phone, or email;
  • Investigate and follow up claims of the illegal dumping of waste and working with other waste regulation enforcement staff;
  • Consult with residents, community groups, councillors, housing associations and traders associations about wastemanagement issues, identify their requirements and provide appropriate solutions;
  • Run and inspect waste disposal sites and recycling facilities;
  • Establish new, or relocate existing, waste disposal sites and recycling facilities;
  • Liaise with end-buyers of recycled products.

At senior levels, responsibility for budgets running into many millions of pounds is common scaling down to the workforce required to execute the daily activities under a contract. So whatever your waste management vacancies from road sweeper to executive management Acorn Recruitment can help you and is only a phone call away.