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Food Production Jobs

Whether you like working indoors or outside something suiting your requirements can usually be found, providing you have the right to work in the European Union and can speak English.

Food production

Some of the food production jobs are very basic but many ask for skills such as operating complex machinery which is often CNC controlled.

Predictably the higher the skills required the better the pay but overall it is not a highly paid sector. Food production jobs can be popular owing to employers’ willingness to consider flexible work patterns in order to attract workers but every situation is different. Food production jobs in remote locations or with antisocial hours or challenging working conditions can be difficult to fill and this has led to a high level of Eastern European workers being used.

At Acorn Recruitment South West we have put teams of workers together on an outsourced basis in this sector from pickers to packers and operators of high speed CNC controlled machinery in largely automated plants. We are well aware of the stringent requirements of the British Retail Consortium or individual supermarkets. Employers are welcome to contact us at enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk or to call us on 01373836776 and speak to someone with hands on experience of running food production.

Our starting point is the job description which will vary in every instance but here is a brief check list of the major points that need to be covered

  • Location
  • Shift patterns
  • Hygiene requirements
  • Temperature levels
  • Qualifications/Experience
  • Role description
  • Training/progression opportunities
  • Key performance Indicators – accuracy/rejects/pack rates/yield
  • Basic Pay rates/overtime/bonuses

If an employer is looking to put teams in place we would be delighted to help with the job description as this is the key calling card to attract employees. As part of the service we would advise on the linking of key performance indicators to rewards and can provide examples of how Acorn Recruitment South West has worked with Employers in gaining better productivity.

Consulting with Acorn Recruitment South West costs you nothing but a little time and that investment could be repaid many times over by adopting an Acorn Recruitment South West recruitment strategy so why not call us up today on 01373836776 or use the quick enquiry form provided. Existing food production job descriptions can be sent to enquiries@acorn recruitmentsw.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.