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Farm Jobs now Available

If we supplied labour each time Acorn Recruitment South West had been asked by a farmer whether we had anyone suitable to work on a farm we’d be the biggest supplier of agricultural labour in the south west of England.

Farming jobs

However, we usually run into a few hurdles in that either, the famer does not know what he wants the people to do, the work is very short term or more often than not when you quote a rate per hour you are greeted by “I’m not paying that.”

Farm jobs will mean different things to different people:

  • Helping out in the farm shop
  • Seasonal help with cropping
  • Outsourced functions such as combining
  • Milking
  • Food production
  • Fencing/ditching
  • Tractor driving
  • Dairy/Crop management

So it is essential to define the functions within any farm jobs. Professional Farm Managers need to provide a detailed job description and will have thought through what they need and what they are prepared to pay but with many farmers it is like pulling hen’s teeth and this is where speaking to an experienced professional at Acorn Recruitment South West can help on 01373836776. Please note the job description will still need to be agreed before any search can begin.

Another aspect to be considered with farm work is accommodation as part of the package for full time roles.

Within Acorn we have used overseas farm workers for a number of years as with an aging farmhand population it is hard to find traditional skills from within the UK but these are still available from Eastern Europe. These candidates are looking for full time employment to include accommodation as either direct employees or as long term sub- contractors where Acorn Recruitment South West employs them dealing with all the registration aspects but sub-contacts them to farms on a long term basis. So, if you need help filling any farm jobs you might need then please feel free to contact Acorn Recruitment South West by email or phone but remember the better your job description, the more we can help.