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Chef Vacancies in South West

OK, you have a Chef Vacancy but what do you want him/her to do? Are you after a burger flipper or someone who can be employed as Head Chef on a cruise liner or something in between?

Chef jobs south west

Over the years Acorn Recruitment South West has filled a very wide range of roles in the catering sector, the secret of getting the right person for your chef vacancy lies within the job description provided.

If you already know exactly what you want we still recommend you review your job description against the outline details below this will ensure you have included everything you need. You can then send it through to Acorn Recruitment South West by emailing it to enquiries@acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk . It is also useful to receive sample menus (or website links to menus) so that applicants can view the style of cooking required. This is especially helpful when it comes to recruiting chefs from outside of the UK.

If you are not sure what you want then use the information below to compile your job description or call us on 01373836776 and we’ll work with you to get the job description right. Remember, the higher the skill level requested the higher the likely cost, so review your menus against your needs and Acorn Recruitment South West will try to help you to fill your chef vacancy quickly and painlessly.

Please note that for multiple operators, together with partners, we run training courses that can generate a stream of trained people suitable to fulfil any chef vacancy anywhere in the country but supply is not instant.

Job Description for a Head Chef Vacancy

  • Directs the preparation of all food activities in the kitchen.
  • Plans and prices menu items, orders supplies, and accounts for gross profit.
  • Supervises and participates in cooking and baking and the preparation of foods. Instructs cooks and other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of food.
  • Determine how food should be presented, and create decorative food displays.
  • Compiles weekly schedules for staff under his control, directs and coordinates activities.
  • Accountable for checking of all purchased supplies for quality and compliance with the purchase order
  • Overseas all food leaving the kitchen to maintain proper consistency in food quality and service during hours of business.
  • Conducts training for personnel
  • Able to cook in quantity and to modify work procedures or processes to meet deadlines
  • Use oral or written communication techniques
  • Inspect facilities or equipment for regulatory compliance
  • Meet with sales representatives in order to negotiate prices and orders supplies.
  • Collaborate with other personnel to plan and develop recipes and menus, taking into consideration factors such as seasonal availability of ingredients and the likely number of customers.
  • Plan, direct, and supervise the food preparation and cooking activities of multiple kitchens or restaurants in an establishment such as a restaurant chain, hospital, or hotel. (More Executive Chef than Head Chef )
  • Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations.
  • Arrange for equipment purchases and repairs.
  • Demonstrate new cooking techniques and equipment to staff.
  • Meet with customers to discuss menus for special occasions such as weddings, parties and banquets.

Every kitchen operates differently. You need to decide what you want from your kitchen and to recruit accordingly for your chef vacancy.